Fowler Groves Limited Partnership

Steve's Opinion

In 1877 Albert Thomas and his wife Lemyra came to Florida and began working a piece of land and planting citrus groves. After working the land for 5 years, President Chester A. Arthur signed the homestead papers giving the land and all rights to the land, to Albert and Lemyra. They named their grove Almyra Groves. The land passed from heir to heir until it came to Harold E. Fowler Sr. who added on more land and groves. He died in 1949 leaving the groves to his son Harold E. Fowler Jr.  He changed the name to Fowler Groves shortly after, and added more land to the farm doubling the acreage. After  Harold Jr. died in Dec. 1992, a family limited partnership was formed. This process was completed on May 13,1994. After the freezes of the 1980's, which left a lot of dead citrus trees we decided to try growing some hay for a little diversity. We still grow citrus, but not as much.